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Content Management System

Content Management System is a suite of applications to manage workflow in an organized manner. Most of corporate and marketing websites use CMSs. No need for any technical knowledge and you see your site is ready within no time. CMS reduces complexity of manual coding for every step, and thus saves time. In today’s market content management has many roles for website blogging, articles, news, etc.

For our web development clients, we build e-commerce websites, shop management sites and many more to take your business forward. Our development team are able to code your CMS in any language whether .NET or PHP.

Management System used @ TS

Our content management systems give you speedy access to the information and services you need to operate more competently, make smarter business decisions and become more competitive. TS works to

  • Build, test and deploy the best tools to deliver most effective solutions.
  • Provide dynamic template integrations.
  • Collaborate well with content, aggregation, syndication, versioning.
  • Save time and money and help your search engine rankings by keeping your web site's content updated as per your requirements.
  • Develop extensive management systems over Drupal, Joomla, dotCMS, Wordpress, OpenCMS, Magento and many more so that you can easily be adapted to suit your needs.
  • Benefit clients by delivering formally curated content either for Web CMS, or Enterprise CMS, or Mobile CMS, or Component CMS.