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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is term to improve company’s interaction with clients. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the process of collecting relevant information of clients and entails features that involve marketing, sales, and technical support. Tetraskelion Softwares Pvt Ltd works on B2B and B2C modules and CRM is the most common channel to manage this relationship.

Our Integrated CRM solution provides you a competitive edge to provide better customer support & service with real-time information and insights. With this, you can effectively manage your vendors, suppliers and customers.


In addition, we designed Travel CRM for travel companies to manage lead activities in better and effective way. Its dashboard has an auto alert system that shows upcoming follow-ups in which you can create leads easily. The key features are—

Dynamic enquiry management

  • Easily add complete details of a new lead.
  • Manage records and complete track of leads running in your business.

Action management of streamline process cycle.

  • Status of sending quotation.
  • Status of Tour Finalization.

Mail System.

Performance analysis report.

Complete MIS.

Boost revenues and improve sales accuracy.

Beyond this, you can track your visitors and their engagement to your website and capture leads from any channel like website, email and phone. You can easily manage reservations, cost, and payments from clients and create trips for confirm booking. Thus, effective customer relationship management process will help you to establish better relationships with your contacts which will lead to a sky-rocketing volume of referrals.