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Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses of proposed venture, opportunities, risk involved in running a software project and assets needed to carry through a project i.e. feasibility study has significant impact to run a software project successfully.

Feasibility analysis is commonly performed by project manager or business analyst. Significant part of feasibility analysis is done by business analysts in which they establish communication and collaboration between the business and IT. For running a successful business they do—

  • Technical Feasibility: Analysis of available technical resources and their applicability to fulfill the need of proposed system.
  • Economic Feasibility: This assessment includes cost/ benefits analysis to the business that proposed system will provide.
  • Operational Feasibility: Focuses on which proposed projects fits in existing business environment with the assessment of reliability, maintainability, supportability, usability, sustainability, and affordability of developing project.
  • Schedule Feasibility: Focuses on project development time because usability of project depends on the significant time system will take to develop that make essential to determine deadline are desirable or mandatory.

Beyond this, they are prominently handle strategic problem, opportunity identification, feasible studies and drive innovative business solutions.

Analysis @ TS

  • Establish mathematical principles and algorithms for statics, data analysis and pattern recognition.
  • Analyze business requirements, data gathering and elicitation.
  • Office Documentation and Management.
  • Spell out the project details to development team.
  • Provide support to the developers during all phases with essential deliverables.
  • Interpret technical issues.
  • Establish communication between development team and clients.
  • Functional Testing and Validation.