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For competing with the global workforce, businesses have to use latest technology and innovations to help in optimizing efficiency and output. Many businesses face difficulty in managing payroll and other task such as employee description, salary, and their accomplishment.

With the human resource management system, organization can establish a connection between resource management and information technology. A range of functionality like employee details, salary status, attendance records, bonuses and other relevant work are easily done by HR management system.

Various other functionalities are included—

  • Payroll management
  • Database for employee details including their birthdays, anniversaries, increment, bonus and other relevant information.
  • Attendance status
  • Bank Details
  • Annual Benefits
  • Income Tax Slab
  • Monthly report of PF, ESI, TDS
  • Salary component details

Accomplish your solution with HRMS Solution

A right solution with essential features reduces manual workload and helps in achieving both long and short term goals of an organization. Search criteria for various functions are provided to minimize the complexity of work. Storing of details such as holiday schedule, recent joining, leaves, and recent resignation related information are done without any effort.

At Tetraskelion, our expert team provides you HRMS solution that takes only few minutes to feed data into the system, manage HR administration complexities and take care of your business work process.