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Inbound Solution

Managing a wide range of services including packages availability, travel arrangements, price and payments, may be complex for inbound travel companies.

To oversee the complete operation of inbound travel companies, Inbound Software provides a vital link between inbound tour operators and overseas suppliers such as travel agents, wholesalers and event managers.

Through creating amazing interesting itineraries, vouchers, invoices, handling booking arrangements for GITs (group inclusive travelers) and even FITs (free individual traveler), inbound solution minimizes the work load of inbound travel companies.

For providing more ease to travel operators, we developed many solutions and window & web based applications like CRM, Local Agents, TStock, Agent Panel, Sales Representative Panel, and Trip Cloud are handled by our travel solution works as their backbone.

All products have their own importance and different role-

  • For handling travel agents, Agent panel is introduced as an agent based site where inbound travel companies can include available facilities related with hotel and transport in packages for B2B travel agents that can be search and seen by clients. In this, all tour related documents such as Contact list report, Voucher, Welcome Letter, Skeletal Itinerary, Reservation status can be generated and new agents like corporate agent, foreign agent, direct client, Indian agent, and reservation agent can be added easily.

  • To solve problem of storage of images for itinerary, TStock is developed as an image management system that can be used to generate image based itinerary.

  • For creating and managing sales report, sales representative panel is announced in which report status such as pending, process, or complete can be set.

  • For providing ease to tour operators and tour agencies, Trip Cloud is introduced for managing the complete process. In this, customers can see a variety of interesting holiday packages varied with their cost, planned days, and places so customers can choose them as per their requirements.

  • For managing the queries of your customers, CRM, a lead management system, was proposed in which businesses can monitor their business performance and can make their customer relationship extraordinary.

  • Local Agents is a centralized management system for ground handling Agent, transporter, local agent to manage transporting services including meal, and accommodation etc.