IT service has put impact on Travel business

IT Service has put impact on Tour & Travel business

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Sep 22, 2015

Tourism is the movement of people from one place to another and explores new places. It is an amalgamation of many industries like accommodation, travel, transportation, etc. Information technology is entering deep into invention and evolution has also left considerable impact on the travel agency service industry.

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A new term has been generated as ITT (Information Technology &Tourism). Advance use of developed tools, technologies, and methodologies have facilitated efficient mode of handling and giving a new prospect to systems in travel industries for travel agents, transportation and accommodation providers.

Data can be stored on hardware and it can be saved as software, but there are chances of losing them due to any sudden circumstances. New applications and softwares have facilitated and have given an exponential growth in the field of tourism industry. Online booking system has reduced the rush at reservation counters and has minimized the role of intermediaries. IT technology and softwares have contributed its efficient way of handling and maintaining from creating itineraries, booking to accounting for travel and tourism industries online.

In this developing era, we have contributed our 14 years. We have given 2-3 years of working to travel industry. TravelMint software has spread its scope in travel marketing. With ages of working with this software, we keep improving on its performance and function. Our goal is to give proper and successful software that has features according to the changed world. Our team is our strength. Individuals of our team work to give growth to IT industry in the direction of success. We have planned to cover 3 basic industries of travel and tourism industry by using our IT technology.

virtual technology

Our TravelMint software works for inbound travel companies. For domestic travel companies, there is TravelMint-DOM. For outbound travel companies, our software will be coming soon.

We hope for best and always look to rise. In order to satisfy tourism demand and survive in the long term there is no choice but to incorporate technology. This enhances interactivity with the market place and consumer satisfaction. Our products for travel and tourism industry are based on following objectives-

  • Identify the role of information technology in the tourism industry.
  • Online portals and desktop applications.
  • They work from creating itineraries to booking and accounting.
  • Query for our products can come from direct clients as well as from agents.

For more information about our products visit to our website You can look our portfolio and contact us to work with us.

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