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Local Agent

Tourism in India has a strong relationship with growth of economy in which transportation has an important role in enriching the experience of tourists. Using new technologies, improvement in transportation management & services can speed up the development of tourism and provide exclusive services across the globe. Other tourism affiliated services such as sightseeing, guide, assistance services and communication are also improved.

How we help

We developed a centralized management system for managing transport services. Available vehicles can be easily added in services and provide transport services as per query. Queries related to other services such as assistance, guide, monument, hotel are managed as per incoming query. It can get direct queries or via any travel agency. If any client make query for any such requirements then additional services are also provided for them by Local Agents. For assistance management service, costing is evaluated as per PAX. Hotel, monument, and guide can be selected as per your comfort. If a travel company sends query and doesn’t desire for other services like guide, monument, and hotel, then just fulfill the detail information of relevant services and get requested services easily.


  • Easily manage whole data.

  • Access complete data in few seconds.

  • Assistance for FIT/GIT.

  • Generate vouchers and itineraries.

  • Get current status at a glance.

  • View real-time Reports.