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Travel and Tourism Solutions

Inbound Tour Solution, TravelMint Software

TravelMint Software is basically designed for the use of inbound travel companies. The aim of Tetraskelion behind its creation was a system which supports the complete operational process of incoming tour companies.

Tetraskelion offers tourism companies an extensive service portfolio:

  • Proven standard software
  • Professional consulting
  • Customized IT solutions
  • Hosting of software applications

With us, tour companies can do their work easily and efficiently. It saves their time as well as work effort make in completing whole process. Tetraskelion has already shown a successful presence in the market for more than 14 years.

Incoming Tour Operator

Software is an inbound tour operator software suite. This software supports and optimizes the whole procedure of travel business. All department of a business can be integrated without breaks in data. The modular design of the software allows the flexible arrangement of the individual function modules your business need.

Having a vision to turn manual process into the automated process, It is designed and developed for travel industry. Its great features enables tour companies to compete todays complex and continuously developing market. Due to its simple flexible, versatile and reliable function, businesses can enter all necessary data in the system. They can feed all important information and services in the system easily.

It provides you stunning facilities such as

  • Booking Management
  • Series Management
  • Package Integration
  • Extension Handling
  • Professional Travel documents
  • Service Management

Additionally, user friendly interface of solution automatically generates itinerary and quotation of international level. It also calculates tour cost automatically as per required service. The system is designed exactly in a manner that will fit into your existing system landscape and fulfill your all requirements.

Who can use?

Due to its excellent modular construction, versatility, and flexibility, it can be utilized by any size of incoming travel business to handle their business. Its unique features make it unrivaled in the market.


  • Solution offers extensive and comfortable database functions that enable businesses to store their desired data and services in system.
  • Support multiple languages and different currencies at same time.
  • Generate any document in any language along with required currency.
  • Various documents like invoices, notifications, confirmations, vouchers are generated automatically.


  • Provide comfortable functionality and user friendly interface.
  • Easy to handle and quick staff to learn.
  • An interface is provided to book the packages and services easily.


  • Suitable for any size of tour operator
  • Provide flexible environment
  • Covers all required functions of tour operator business.
  • Provide an ease in FIT/GIT reservation and booking.


Incredible features and functionality make it exclusive system across the world. It has a strong database and all required elements to make a graceful itinerary / quotation.


  • Multilingual itinerary generation system.
  • Generate quick itinerary and quotation automatically
  • Pricing quotation for FIT and Group tours, quotation customization online and offline.
  • Easy to pick fixed packages set for direct client and agent from existing package directory.
  • Booking and voucher amendment and cancellation
  • Tour Operator fixed and package customization
  • Easy and quick way to update supplier details and contracts, in few minutes hike and update thousands of record, financial year wise contract hike provision.
  • Quotation pax / range wise variation
  • Provide travel docs such as welcome letter, contact list, vouchers etc. and more than 200 MIS reports such as Tour Cost Analysis, Profitability, Hotel / Transport Tariff and other tour reports.
  • Multiple integration in solution helps other software like accounting tally, excel to db data handling.
  • Provide more security when accessing database anywhere, separate user logins and admin management for all departments, department wise segregation.


First one to create an automated inbound solution, TravelMint Software, by Tetraskelion Softwares Pvt Ltd.


Software is very user friendly software. we are very confident with this product and getting exactly what we wanted. It is always important for the software development company to maintain relationship with their customers after sale and you guys have just done that by providing your staff always available to talk and support.
- Jitender Singh
Head IT E-Commerce (Indo Asia Tours)

Inbound Tour Solution is very helpful overall in costing and in every step. All the details are automatically fetched once you enter single details in one time.
- Dheeraj reddy
Director (Tushita)